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Rules In Give or Receive Section

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Rules In Give or Receive Section

Post by rrsolar on Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:07 pm

Before you : 
Create/Enter a Giveaway
Trading with other users

You must fill this criteria ( Admins and Mods will check your account )
- Minimum : 

  •  60 reputation points
  •  50 non-spam posts
  •  You must own atleast THREE non-free Steam games ( Which means account with just free games are not allowed ) ( STEAM      GIVEAWAYS/TRADES)
  •  A 3 month old STEAM account ( only for Steam giveaways and trades )

 Rules :

  • No begging
  • Gifts you receive must be activated and played by you
  • [STEAM] or [XBOX] etc. along with the above to specify platform

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