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here is the main rules :
1. Spam . Spam includes, but is not limited to: multiple duplicate posts in one thread, posting the same picture multiple times in one post, posting the same thing in multiple threads, excessive emoticon spam (more than 15 in one post), and creating new topics/threads one after another

2. Trolling , posting controversial (sometimes off-topic, we already have a category about that) messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply. Also, please do not feed trolls.

3. Bumping Threads , do not bump old thread ( we will always lock old threads )

4. Inappropriate material , we have a NSFW category, doesn't mean you can post porn.

If you break one of the rules above, you will give you atleast half of warning bar

Neutral ones ( Doesn't affect warning bar but is not allowed )

1. Duplicate threads , Be sure the thread you are creating doesn't already exist, as duplicate threads are subject to removal.

2. Vague thread titles , The reader should be able to tell what your topic is about without clicking on it. Topics with intentionally vague or misleading titles are subject to editing or deletion.

3. Posting negative threads or comments about moderators or staff members
Similarly, we know that it's fun to laugh at members of staff when they fail at videogames, but there's no need to be a dick about it. Ever. This includes in the chat during live content.

Theres a STEAM field box, if you have a steam account, please fill it , if you dont, type "Doesn't Have" or "-"